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The Big Yak – Unconference for the Conferenced

Early on Saturday I found myself at PayPal’s London offices, gathered with over 150 internal comms folks from around the UK (and beyond). It was a fitting venue, as it was home to the first Tweetcamp, where I also had the privilege of facilitating a very dynamic series of conversations.  The IC Crowd  pulled together an amazing event – […]

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A Perspective on Community

This post is a narrative on thoughts about community in and around the on-line world. It’s not complete, possibly not coherent, and is long. However, it does represents the output of a fascinating and thought provoking roundtable discussion convened by Bernie Mitchell, in the company of Misae Richwoods, Simon Darling, Filip Matous, Julie Hall at […]

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Broadband Maslow and the Hierarchy of Human Needs

The BBC ran an interesting piece, based on an OFCOM survey, or rather OFCOM’s annual Communications Market Report. It features some rather ‘startling’ findings about us Brits and our use of broadband. “Britons are more willing to cut back on holidays and meals out than on spending on communication technology during the recession… … spending on mobiles, […]

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Tweetcamp London – Beyond 140 Characters

The recent Tweetcamp event was organised by Farhan Rehman (@farhan), Dees Chinniah (@cyberdees), and Jon Bishop (@jonin60seconds), I just ran around with a microphone on the day, and chatted with Farhan before hand!  It was far from being another BarCamp. While  many familiar faces from the social media space came along, it also reached people who […]

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Caught by a Spy – Easier Than it Sounds

If you are a regular Twitter user, you might have noticed that half of the world seems to have become a spy catcher of late. It turns that catching a spy via Twitter is easier than you might think. It also has some consequences for  social capital, information security and general communication noise too. You are a very fortunate individual […]

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Replying Via Twitter

Today’s Twitter rage prompts me to write about @Replies. The habit of putting an “@” symbol in front of a Twitter message, to ‘direct’ it towards another user – has a curious history. They weren’t part of the original design of Twitter, which started as a micro-blogging platform, not an instant messaging system. As early […]

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On-line Trust, More than Liking

This post might be a little heavy going, but the topics are important in understanding how we can be (and are) manipulated, and how businesses can (and should) go about building trust in an on-line, social media driven world. Last week I attended the Wealth of Networks conference, looking at the challenges of Next Generation […]

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