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One Thing To Get Through Tough Times

There’s a spate of posts on “things to do to get through the current economic climate“. I have to confess most of them washed past me. It is not that they didn’t have good advice, it is just that it was mostly things that should be done at the best of times too. Likewise, at each […]

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FOAF – Building Networks With a Friend of a Friend

FOAF? What’s it all about then? Technology is terrible for having interesting things buried in acronyms or abbreviations. FOAF is one of those gems and I’ve been intending to write about it for a long while. Thank you to Dave Terrar (and  weaverluke) for the nudge. These days we are all a bit social on-line. We have always been […]

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Networks and Notworks

How about a taxonomy of social media platforms? In helping people understand the different social networking tools I’ve found it helpful to build a taxonomy of the components around social software. This is one way of viewing things, there are others that are equally valid, but for my purposes I was after something simple and functional. […]

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Caught by CauseWired

Hang on to the furniture, this post is going to be a bit of a ride. I’m holding Tom Watson and his CauseWired book responsible. I normally read a book very quickly, I’m almost legendary for my tree digesting abilities. I read. I mark with scraps of paper. I digest, note and move on.

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Metcalfe’s Law – Really Useful, Not?

Alan wrote a good backgrounder to Metcalfe’s law: “A Short discussion on Metcalfe’s Law for Social Networks.” If you haven’t come across Metcalfe’s Law before, here is the basic background. When Metcalfe (of Ethernet and 3Com fame) started playing with computer networks, he saw that the value of the network was related to the number […]

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The Complete Bounds of Our Social Networks – Part II

As implied by the “part I” in The Complete Bounds of Our Social Networks – Part I, there is a part II, and this is it… Having looked at the research around Dunbar’s number, it strikes me that social media and the modern workplace face a number of challenges, but first, let’s rewind a few […]

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The Complete Bounds of Our Social Networks – Part I

I have been pondering the ideal size of a community of late – be it a company (successful companies are communities too), a circle of friends or the user base for a wiki or a forum. Of course, I am not the first to ponder the question, nor will I be the last. Paul Graham […]

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