I’m some what hesitant to post on April the 1st, for fear of not being taken seriously! However, it is past midday here, so rest assured that this is the normal end of the month wrap up post – with no artificially added jests.

It has been a busy time on the blog, although you might not have noticed if you are reading via RSS. There have been a number of changes in the design. There is now a blogroll, which will grow over time, and ‘translate’ buttons on the site. This is based on Google’s translation capabilities – which are quite impressive, including user-contributed corrections. Posts can be translated into French, German, Spanish or Italian at the click of a button. I’ve decided that I sound distinctly more stylish in French, but sadly that is where my language skills stop.

As so many people come to the site via stumbleupon, the ShareThis WordPress plugin is now in place. This should make it easier to add posts to your social bookmarking application of choice. If you like something, do share it, or add a fave for us on Technorati, everyone loves a bit of encouragement, especially a British Blogger.

The month’s top 10 posts, by number of readers were:

  1. Mini-bar Meet Up – Some New Technologies.
  2. The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination.
  3. Why Don’t You See What You Can Do in an hour.
  4. Power up your business with a Wiki.
  5. Be More Productive By Understanding How You See the World.
  6. E-mail 2.0.
  7. ThinkingRock is 2 good!
  8. How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed at Work.
  9. Where Are You Going? Vision, Mission and Values – Part I.
  10. Too Much Choice – Too Little Happiness.

Just off of the bottom of the list, cruelly disadvantaged by being posted later on in the month, is: Learning Your Way to a Better Memory. Here’s to a productive and effective April.