Quite a few things for the usual end of month post. I’ve tweaked the layout of the site slightly, after BlueFroX’s naming and shaming of the site’s look. It really is time for me to get a graphic designer / theme designer or at least help from a willing volunteer for the site. Visual design really isn’t a core strength for me, but I’m fascinated by it. That is always a dangerous combination. I’m also blogging at my personal home page for things that aren’t so relevant here.

Thank you to David of Outside of the Triangle and to Luciano of Litemind for the kind mentions on their blogs. Also thanks to everyone who has posted comments or emailed me over the month, especially Judy Martin, Bob Leckridge, therapydoc, Floyd Craig, Jennifer Mannion, Nathan Ketsdever, dogtrainingtipstricks from Switzerland, Galba of Tune up your EQ and to Melanie of galvanized for her thoughts and pointer to the her post: So THIS is Progress?

Now, without further ado, let me reveal the Top 10 posts, by page views, for November:

  1. The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination (over 850 views in a single day! Thank you Stumblers!)
  2. You’re Having a Laugh Aren’t You? (not far behind)
  3. 5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Choice
  4. Twitter – Trick or Tweet?
  5. Ways of Keeping a Record
  6. Why Don’t You See What You Can Do in an hour
  7. ThinkingRock is 2 good!
  8. How to Deal with Being Overwhelmed at Work
  9. Too Much Choice – Too Little Happiness
  10. 10 Tips for better Powerpoint

No watch out for the frogs…