World Series Trophy with BenjaminMonthly review time on WOWNDADI. I’ll take the apparently increasing speed of time as confirmation of my failing youth or increasing middle age. Either that or we are just enjoying life.

My personal highlight this month was holding the world series trophy after the Red Sox win in Boston, briefly meeting John Henry. This may be lost on my UK and European fellows, but was a big deal to my American friends. It was odd to come back to the hotel see the trophy and the people you were just with up on the TV screen. An obvious violation of 7 and a Half Tips for Getting a Great Night’s sleep in a Hotel, but hey!

A lot more new subscribers this month. A big hello and welcome to you all, thank you for reading and commenting! October saw the highest number of comments on the WOWNDADI blog. October’s top 10 read posts is a big shuffle from September:

  1. Their Problems are not Your Problems
  2. Why Don’t You See What You Can Do in an Hour
  3. Wikipedia – A Means not an End
  4. 10 Tips for better Powerpoint
  5. ThinkingRock is 2 good!
  6. The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination
  7. LinkedIn Opens the World and Closes a Window
  8. Communicating With Yourself – More on the iPod
  9. iPod to Go – The iPod as a GTD capture device
  10. A Presentation Lesson From Al Gore

November’s study for me will include critical thinking, understanding who we are and dealing with people that we find difficult. That will influence the upcoming posts, together with something else that I have been up to! I am very please to have been asked to do a few guest posts, and a couple of people have offered to do a guest post on WOWNDADI, which I am really excited about. More on all of that soon.

By the way, those bloggers that are facebook users out there might want to join the UK and London Blogger groups on FB – Thank you to Sandrine for bringing people together and bringing a bit of buzz from the French blogging scene to the UK.