Slightly later than advertised, here is the end of April review. The half year mark looms large, time to review annual goals and assess progress. This has been a great month of learning, which I am keen to document over the next few weeks. A new environment has put me on a steep, but great, learning curve. This has slowed down my writing and blogging in the process, but has created a few new neural pathways!

I have managed to get back into book reading again, especially the more diverse reading I have longed to do. My favourite book at the moment is Twelve Days on the Somme: A Memoir of the Trenches, 1916, documenting Sidney Rogerson’s time on the front line during the First World War. It seems to be fairly unknown and unmentioned, apart from a little press attention a while ago. It is brilliantly written and it has broadened my perspective on humanity and what is good and bad in today’s world. It brings life into sharp focus; Highly recommended reading.

The top 10 posts for April, but number of views, were an utterly different spin to last month. “Watch out for the frogs!” became a top favourite out there, followed by the post on ThinkRock 2, which I am still enjoying using:

  1. Watch out for the frogs
  2. ThinkRock is 2 good!
  3. Overwhelmed by the to do list? Get back on track and stay on track
  4. A good tool is hard to find!
  5. Get Laddered with ThinkingRock
  6. The Now Habit – Dealing with Procrastination
  7. Being organised – the wiki way
  8. You Live, You Learn – Learn to Learn, Learn to Live
  9. See it, hear it – not the death of PowerPoint
  10. What does success look like? Start with the end

My favourite from last month, just outside the top 10 posts was “Drucker’s Life as a Knowledge Worker” which I’ve found helpful to read back over. I have also added a ‘contact’ form to the About tab on the blog and would love to hear from you, either there (or via comments is great too!). Big follow up to the Frogs post soon… I’m also amazed that this blog seems to be in the 10% of blogs on Technorati, which both pleases and perplexes me. I’ve not really viewed it as a technical or a news blog, although I do work in both of those areas.

Have a brilliant weekend!