I am a great fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. Even though I don’t really strictly use it myself I highly recommend it. One of the challenges of being a creative thinker (or a classic procrastinator!) is that you can end up with a huge to do list that becomes very hard to keep track of. The best method is simply not to put things on the to do list that you aren’t going to get to, or to delete off the low-priority, low-impact items straight away.

Failing that, you will need a good tool to take care of all those ‘to do’ things and projects you have collected. Thinking Rock is just such a tool: ThinkingRock. It is java based, so it works on a number of platforms (although I really WISH it was available for PocketPC / Windows Mobile). It has great export options that let you print and import to other programs. The structured workflow it forces enables you to capture everything, then work through the process of fleshing things out. Fantastic! It even lets you prioritise projects and tasks if you get a little creative with it. Highly recommended and I am sure I will write more about it.

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