Kate of Blog to Discovery and Stephen of HD BizBlog started this one off.

Stephen and I exchanged emails and though this would be a great carnival topic to raise awareness and provoke some more discussion and debate, and I am 26 minutes late with my post!

Most companies have a vision and mission statement, which speaks to the purpose and the path for the business. Should individuals have a personal mission statement? Do you have one? As it turns out, it is a bit of a controversial topic, as Kate found when she posted about developing her mission statement.

Stephen is collecting mission statements: submit your own mission statement, which should provide some inspiration. I would love to hear your views and what has or hasn’t worked for you.

Others are participating too:

It is very interesting to see what has come in so far…

Have a think, and I’ll share some of my experiences and how I have used vision, mission and values to guide change and increase productivity.

Update: Check out the series on mission, vision and values: part I, part II, part III, part IV and other posts on mission.

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