New Year Sunshine - Photo by Benjamin EllisA Happy New Year to you! 2007 is yesterday, 2008 is today. I am thinking about what gave the best returns in ’07, and plan to focus my efforts in those areas for ’08 – an “RoE” model. If you’ve been dragged through the mill on large IT projects or vendors, you will be familiar with the concept of ROI – return on investment. RoE is the productivity equivalent: Return on Effort. What was the output, based on what you have to put in. It isn’t about being lazy and not putting the effort in. It is about being efficient, investing effort into the things that yield a return.

A new year gives the euphoria of a clean slate to work from. It is a bit of an artificial fresh start, but a new calendar year does bring a focus to putting out the old and bringing in the new. Enjoy making your New Year’s resolutions, but do start by focussing on one change, then you can build from there. The others will be there for you to come back and work on. It is better to fully succeed in making one change, rather than partially make five.

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Her comes 08, make it great!

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